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Kind words

As we come back from Cloud 9 and arrived back in Singapore, we wanted to personally thank you for being a big part of our wedding day and being fantastic running up to the wedding and on the day itself.

💕To say this was the BEST day of our life, was an understatement and we LOVED every minute of it. We couldn't have been happier on the day and we loved the food and service FunThyme provided! As foodies, the meal for us was such an incredibly important part for us and to find a caterer that can do both Italian and Malaysian blew our minds. As it was the first time we actually got to try the food on the day, it was really delicious and added to the whole experience of the day. We had multiple guests say that was some of the best Wedding food they've had - and for us attending weddings we would agree with them too! Everyone was obsessed with the Olive tapenade/artichokes and fried chicken canape! What stood out was the high quality ingredients you used, Aidan particularly enjoyed the nice olive oil on the table and people were literally fighting for the leftover crispy Porchetta skin! I also just wanted to give a huge call out to Chase and Kimberely, they were brilliant - they were incredibly thoughtful and the staff were very on top of the service for both the drinks and food. As well as just being great fun, nice people and super helpful. Chase and the team were also fantastic the day before helping us to set up the drinks and tableware, which made set up so much more organised. And finally, the take away boxes were a sell out, we wanted a low waste wedding but we literally had people taking the leftover food in minutes and telling us the rendang tasted even better in the morning! So huge thank you for being super responsive and accommodating to us on the day off and run up the wedding. 💕

Laura and Aiden