Wedding Catering - Overview


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(How we do weddings)

  • Create a menu that tells a story. Perhaps inspired by your first date, your heritage, a favourite dish, a favourite restaurant, a funny story or a special meal you shared together on holiday.
  • It's all about lavish and opulent feasting menus designed to make a statement. Get your guests sharing and interacting.
  • Over dressed 'cordon bleu' presentations are dated and naff. We prefer natural but elegant plating. No swoshes. No swirls.
  • Fire up the BBQ! We love marinating and barbecuing whole lamb racks, lobsters, whole beef fillets and baby chickens to share.
  • Go for a light but satisfying menu. Bloated guests crashing before the party starts is not a good look.
  • Start the party with exciting canapés and sensational drinks. Goodbye frozen mini burgers. Hello sbagliato.
  • Offer late night treats to soak up the booze from a street food stand. Tacos, sliders, salt beef bagels and gourmet hot dogs.
  • Style it out with stylish and beautiful staff.
  • Enjoy a tasting. This shouldn't cost you the earth.
  • Be brave with your menu choices. It's better to have an exciting and memorable meal than one that's dull with mass appeal.
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